The Beauty of Letters

Things have been pretty quiet lately, and I started cleaning out my room in preparation for the summer yard sale I was going to have with my neighbor.  Even though there is a lot of “crap” in my bedroom, there is also something extremely satisfying and gratifying to rustle through old things, finding lost treasures and ruminating over old memories. I opened the bottom drawer to a whole stack of letters, dating back to when I first started school (public, not homeschooled) in 4th grade- I even found one or two from  my kindergarten tutor from when I was five years old.

Every couple years, I open these up to revisit a huge chunk of my life, and I remember even getting teary-eyed the last time I came across these letters.  Call me a sentimental old fool (I’m already kind of a grandma in many ways), but handwritten letters and cards are absolutely the key to my heart.  There is something preserved in the notes someone wrote to you that is worth so much more than shooting an email or a text at an instant touch.  They become preserved fragments of a part of one’s life, much like a picture freezes a snapshot, but a detailed, wordy summary of their life at the time, their impression and affection for you, and likewise the length of the letter that required more thoughts and more effort to write it neatly.  Even doodles and the way the card is decorated or addressed to one adds personalization to it.

There is a lot about me that is different from most people, and that is the necessity to slow down and stare at life in the very present, observing as the world changes with each second, with each step I take.  But I am still a victim, even if a lucky one, of the fleeting technology that is exponentially progressing forward.  In today’s modern age where everything is almost too convenient, sometimes I jump from one to other of twenty tabs I have opened up on Google Chrome, checking my email, flitting to Facebook, looking up definitions on to reading up on the latest news.

The anticipation of opening up a card is not dissimilar to the excitement of ripping open a wrapped present.  Particularly knowing the letter travelled physically from another area, country even, from their hands to mine, is wondrous to say the least.  Everything in the contents of a page were carefully placed, because unlike Tinder or other instantaneous forms of communication, it takes a minimum of days to send the note, and it will take another few days for the reciprocating message to arrive.

If you only had one chance every two weeks to share anything with another individual, it would highly decrease the ruddy, sometimes crude pick-up lines, or one-word, blasphemous “Hey”s.  It would eliminate the cursory methods to which we sometimes respond to each other.   In all these ways, the beauty of letters is so much more than just that of a plain sheet of white parchment with scribbles and ink.  It is a symbol of everything that is quickly becoming lost in the frays of the new generation, and each after that.  I hope somehow that we appreciate the meaningfulness behind the depths of old-school communication, and conserve the humanity and empathy that is inspired by letters.


I See Beautiful People (Venice, Italy)

 My friend started a blog a couple months before I did, and I noticed that the essence of one’s character is really present throughout one’s blog. That said, even though I am really passionate talking about heavy issues in how sometimes we find ourselves lacking happiness (and all this relates to developing confidence, chronic illness, racial/cultural/social issues, and basically everything), let’s not kid ourselves:  it can get overwhelming to worry about all the negatives in our lives and in the world.  So today’s post is just a moment to appreciate and absorb some good ol’ serotonin from all the visual glory that is the Venetian population.  Are all Venetian people’s names Daniel, because damn!  Hot damn!

I had been told before about Spanish men, but wowzas, two days in Venice and the number of hotties I saw was x 10 the amount in our American East Coast towns…  Theja asked me to document these men, and each time I sent her a photo, I was greeted with a loud and resounding cheer of “YAS BITCH YAS.”

Unfortunately, even due to my identity as shameless tourist aka creepy little Asian girl snapping shots of hot guys “discreetly,” I was not able to get great shots of every single guy, but don’t despair, here is a list of the ones I managed to gather:

  1. Water Taxi Driver from Afar – Right off the airport and hopping on a water taxi to our hotel, we spot a guy manning the boat in front of ours with great hair majestically flying in the wind, and I must describe my first impression of him as a Jersey guido with the tanned skin and the big biceps, but x100 better.  Not my type, but still cute.
  2. Gondola Man – good-looking in the older 40s, 50s year old hair slightly greying kind of way.  Very open smile and spirit and charismatic
  3. Waiter – pale, tall, fluffy brown hair and just cute.  The kind you can bring home to mama
  4. Hotel Shuttle Service Guy – very nice and polite guy, his clean cut scruff was actually flattering and I admired it
  5. Second Water Taxi Driver – with the leather jacket and bluest eyes, and who made me a believer of man buns.  For some reason, we forgot to tip him even though he was one of the nicer drivers… pretty sure as he drove away he stared in our direction with the saddest puppy eyes.   
  6. Water Subway Driver – Young blonde guy directing our water subway boat, glanced over and definitely caught my mom and I taking photos up close.  Sorry sir, couldn’t help ourselves
  7. Concierge Staff – that bone structure though.  Pretty boy, Hayden Christensen-type-when-he-was-playing-Darth-Vader type. Apparently, super nice to my dad as well… I love nice guys.
  8. I was trying to go in chronological order, but I had to save the best for last.  AND THE WINNER IS….

12032780_10153669241133960_9051111248932902804_oLifeguard – at the Hilton Hotel at the rooftop pool.  Goodness gracious.  The kind of unanimous beauty that is agreeable with everyone: he is literally everybody’s type.  My mom become an embarrassing fan and we decided to sit at one of the tables and admire the view *ahem* overlooking “Venice” while he accidentally happened to be in front, bending down and casually hosing down the poolside with his shades on, you know, the usual.  My mom even told me to stand in front of him as a decoy and smile while she focused her lens on the background 😉  This photo she snapped of him walking down the stairs could easily be from Vogue magazine.

The aesthetics man.  Sigh. I did my duty to my friend, and it was beautiful.

It’s late, but are you guys interested in seeing the rest of the beautiful men?? If so, comment below and let me know 🙂