Triggered Memories and Hope: Subzero Warm Mask (Solution for Lung Patients)

Triggered Memories

I’m having a coughing fit and my mom tossed a bag of HALLS Defense cough drops at me, the vitamin c assorted citrus kind… and suddenly I thought of a memory probably from 16 years ago when my 3rd grade homeschool teacher took one out and offered it to me in my dining room, where I’m sitting now.  I was too young to understand that my education was at the mercy of my homeschool teachers, and at their kindness and understanding. It makes me more determined to teach compassion to those who don’t innately have it, and I get the whole annoyance of being “too politically correct,” but I also think there are way more people who have the sensitivity of a rock.


I was web surfing and thinking, what can I do to help my medical situation now?  To tailor my situation to help improve my quality of life, instead of moping on what’s happened and what will?  I’m thinking of investing in a Modobag, the travel suitcase that you can sit on and glide through airports for so I can save energy and make things a bit easier on my body.   I also came across a subzero warm mask yesterday, and if it’s as great as the comments say it is for people with lung problems, then I will be super grateful.  It would be life changing and help me so much in being able to navigate the winter and the cold and allow me to go out and spend time with people and do my job and so many opportunities that feel robbed from me.


What I’ve been up to

I think I don’t update as much because I try so hard to edit and perfect each blog post before I upload it… but it might be hindering my creative and thinking process so I’m just going to log a “quick” write.

The weather’s been getting warmer and I guess my mood is somewhat better in comparison to a few months ago, but I still have a lot of stress and anxiety and am having trouble managing it… I’m just grateful to avoid insomnia and fall asleep each night at the moment.  I’ve been working hard to focus on the activities, moments, and events I can join in on in life with friends and other people, it’s a work-in-progress, but isn’t it always, and isn’t that the point of living?

-Went to Girl’s group Saturday morning and then tried to sleep at Allison’s to make up for the all nighter the day before… battling insomnia does suck.  I was really tired and semi-delirious, but Sean’s  BBQ was fun regardless, just socializing and being able to be there.  The burgers were yummy and I mostly chilled and talked to ppl here and there.  Chuen showed me how to relax my shoulder and chest muscles better, and I bugged Caleb about his chinese.

I been trying to advance a lot in reading, getting back into my love for movies, and definitely learning Korean and history.  There are so many sad, tragic events in history… -_- Yet I’m so curious, and the importance of never forgetting is omnipresent in my mind.

I’m kinda drifting away from Spotify and finding new music, kinda like the weird mood I had in the past months of keeping away from movies, not sure why. What I HAVE been super into lately is animations, particularly animes and Pixar-Disney movies that I’ve missed out on.  I watched “Inside Out,” “The  Princess and the Frog”, “Your Name,” “Paprika”, and most recently, “Wreck-It Ralph.”

I have to say, some of my all-time favorite animations is definitely “Tangled” and “Big Hero 6”, but “Your Name” and “Wreck-It Ralph” definitely join the ranks.  I don’t think it’s solely because of their unique animation style and story, as many of these hit those check marks, but their pacing and story telling really stands out… not overly done, and makes you emotionally invested in the characters and their journey- truly, Ed Catmull was right about that.

Next, I am going to watch “Sing” which I believe was developed by Sony Pictures?  Need to double check on that… and now it’s gotten me all excited and curious about the other processes in making a movie, such as how they create the story boards, develop it in animation software, and incorporate music.

Quick shout out to “Paprika”, as even though I wouldn’t count it among my favorites due to its haphazard style (maybe that was the point), it definitely made me feel like one of my favorite movies “Inception” was inspired by its concept, particularly the elevator and dream sequences.

Dreams and Evolutions

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had vivid dreams and a wild imagination.  I’m not sure if it was because of the side effects of some medication I took, but it was both a blessing and a nightmare.

My dreams have ranged from hanging onto a rope in some never-ending, Alice in Wonderland-esque tunnel, where a ray of light revealed gold specks of dust drifting down gently around me, both an eternal moment of tension as well as peace, to clowns hunting down my parents and I in a mall, and sitting on a toilet in the middle of another mall while dinosaurs ran everywhere.

I used to document every single dream, because I almost always remembered each one from the night before, until an embarrassing moment where I forgot to private a post and someone in the dream read it.  But I’ve decided to start again.

The one I had last night was really wonderful.  I was living in this building with two other people, with classy, warm-auburn brick walls and christmas lights hanging aglow.  It started with a Daredevil feel, where I was trying to escape from a building across the waters to get back to my house, of whose deck or patio was overlooking the waters.  This was my backyard.  As I hung in the cozy light where the interior kitchen was paired with a black, clean feel of the floor, and brick walls, I basked in the light, feeling comforted.  As I walked across and opened two glass doors, I was shocked to discover it doubled into another much larger area with the similar design and feel, but with many tables spread as a restaurant.  The ambiance was perfect.  Later on, when I walked out, I realized the entire building was designed uniquely in an elongated fashion, to fit a thin strip of the border between water and land- the other side had lamp posts, a sidewalk, and then a quaint street.


My friend is really knowledgeable in biology, and even though I was always easily confused when I studied back in high school and even college, I always found it really fascinating.  Now that I have more time, I should go back and just learn more about the world of human evolution, and marine biology.