Attempting to Make a Korean Dinner Pt. 6

Ok… I am done with Korea at this point LOL.  I made japchae again for lunch, and then a quick cucumber pickle and baked the remaining fire chicken, and added a few soft boiled eggs to the fire sauce.  I also redeemed myself with the eggplant dish this time, simply by stir-frying it and adding a bit of water to my sauce in the pan, ensuring that it was well-cooked and saucy and delicious (just realized I forgot to add fish sauce… oh well).

Today was supposed to be seafood pancake day… so I planned and prepped for the simple potato pancake, the kimchi pancake, and the green onion pancake.  I added some chopped shrimp to the last two… the potato pancake turned out quite delicious, although I had a wee potato left, and grating it as well as the onion took forever.  The kimchi pancake broke and never solidified, so each time I tried to turn it over, it just ended up becoming scrambled.  I think this is due to me using the smaller pan, using the bigger pieces of kimchi that I bought instead of chopping it finer, and not adding enough oil.  I even tried to save it by adding an egg on top.  Bless my mother, she said it still tasted good though.  The last one, I kept adding oil, and it ended up looking like a sad mushy oily mess 😦  It still tasted okay, but I think I added too much green onion, even though I tried to add more batter, it just didn’t work out proportionally correct.  I’m also not good at flipping things in the air, so I pathetically kept scraping at the bottom and using my spoons to turn them over.

28276086_10156248855058960_396464713_o.jpgI think I just don’t want to attempt this dish for a good while  because the prep work exhausted me and the result was less than decent, definitely unsatisfied.


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