Conscious Healthy Eating

I think as a kid,  I always had major health eating issues, in that I couldn’t stomach much food.  I felt nauseous quite often, and my mom had many a fit and headache trying to get me to finish a plate of fried rice.

As I got older, I started experimenting with cooking and found out that being in control of the food you consume and want to consume is very empowering and satisfying.  Knowledge is power, and creating meals, a constant in anyone’s life, is all the more important.

Especially now that I am reaching my mid 20’s and my parents are getting older, they ask me to cook food that is healthy.  Of course, it has to be delicious as well for us to not have heavy wandering eyes towards the cookie aisle.  No doubt, fried foods or anything with a lot of butter or fat is an easy route to delicious bites, but what is more challenging is championing a good mix of spices to bring out the natural flavors in food, especially vegetables.

My dad always joked that “if it’s healthy, it doesn’t taste good”, and I want to make it a personal goal to do my research and make sure that I produce meals that are healthy but also tastes good.  I’ve had some hits and misses, but the hits just prove that it’s totally possible!  It doesn’t mean completely cutting out anything with butter or sugar, but adjusting the recipe so that it’s still tasty, but doesn’t sacrifice the health meter.

I’ve had success in creating a few of my own recipes as well!

One-Pan Roasted Salmon and Vegetables 

1 fillet of salmon

Vegetables- bell peppers, tomatoes, asparagus, kale, spinach

Coat all in olive oil (maybe 1 Tbsp)

Spices:  salt/pepper or soy sauce, cumin, paprika, chile powder, a little allspice


Hot chili flakes (optional)

Fresh vegetables finishing touches (optional)- cucumber, avocado

Finishing touches of lemon/lime juice.  If not available, use a Tbsp of rice vinegar instead with the olive oil.

15-20 minutes in mini oven around 350-375 degrees.

I’ve also started making Overnight Oatmeal.

1 banana, sliced (and or other fruits like berries)

5 generous spoonfuls of old fashioned oatmeal

1 cup milk, or a bit over ingredients

2 dollops greek yogurt

1 Tbsp flax seed / chia seed

1 tsp vanilla extract

a little honey or sugar (optional)

This is my new hit my parents love:  Asparagus with cherry tomatoes and eggs.  I also stir-fried spinach, swiss chard, and peppers in rice vinegar, soy sauce, and honey, and piled that in between the asparagus.  One of the eggs broke, but the sauce still tasted great with a little smoked paprika.  Have fun with it!

Next, I’m going to try Oatmeal Blueberry Yogurt Pancakes:

as well as Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies!!


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