Confessional thoughts 9.14.17 thursday3am

My anxiety is lording over me and I’m fighting it. The monster is threatening to consume me but I won’t succumb.  Maybe it would be easier to let myself feel all the fear wash over again. 

Here’s to doctors and hospital administrations and insurance ppl and everyone who fucks up my life in more ways than I can count. First your lab ppl fuck up and miss the second sheet of orders causing me to have to return 3 more trips to that dreaded place. Then the pharmacy fucks up and I keep getting rejected getting my medication for like a month because someone sent it to the wrong insurance.  Then we’re told we can get these evaluations done within two weeks in three days but now it’s over a month later and four days long. Pretty sure there are other fuck ups but I cant even recall right now. What the actual fuck. Life is really testing me. My life is a series and a canvas and a model of fuck ups.

Ok I’m done with the self pity 


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