My Musical Tastes

Whenever someone asks me what genre I like in music, I can never answer it in terms of genre.  I think all music can be beautiful regardless of genre.  It really depends on how it’s created and who it’s by… the only genres I have never found something I’m attracted to is screamo, rock, and most country music.

I think I used to focus on voice and melody the most, but lately I’ve been drawn more to ambiance… creating new sounds and feels through the sound purely itself and the texture and mixture with instrument.  I guess bottom line though is, the perfect ultimate sound is emotion especially by the main vocal or melody, but also the ensemble, the atmosphere, and quality of production.  I went through a phase where I focused mostly on lyrics, and the shock of those lyrics from today’s hits was really awkward… some were wildly appropriate, while others made no sense.  I think it’s refreshing to come across a song that isn’t about money and sex or degrading women too once in awhile.

While I totally understand why marketable songs have a certain catchy and simple chord progression as well as a popular artist (Justin Bieber), a lot of factors play into it- their persona, vibe, whether or not they’re featured on the radio,

I think that’s why my new Spotify favorite playlist is “Chill Vibes”.  These are less likely to get stuck in my head, which is both a plus and a negative. I also tend not to be as likely to remember the artist name as easily… I don’t hear it ubiquitously as hearing “Despacito”


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