“Spark of Joy”

It’s crazy how accurate Marie Kondo is with a simply question- “Does it spark joy?”

Her theory is that if you hold an item and it sparks joy within you, it is worth keeping or buying.  It is such a simple concept yet it works wonders.  Usually, I’m on the fence about things I end up buying, and then I have a lukewarm opinion of it and it’s not the first thing I’m excited to wear when it comes time to decide on an outfit, casual or semi-formal.

The other day, my friend and I went on a spontaneous garage sale spree all over her town, and within an hour, I really wasn’t planning on buying anything, I had bought a beautiful bracelet that a lady wanted to get rid of along with her other jewelry- she said she used to design jewelry and needed it out of the house… I was sort of on the fence, but I held it in my hand and it felt like me.  So I handed over only THREE BUCKS.  And now I’m really in love with it.  Here are the reasons why:

  1.  It’s a burgundy red, one of my favorite colors
  2. It’s set in stones all around, which reminds me of magical powers I used to conjure in my childhood days when I pressed on them
  3. There are 5 of them set evenly around my bracelet, and 5 is my lucky number.  Mostly because in terms of math, it’s not as easy to solve as 10, but not as crazy difficult as a number like, multiples of 7 or 8.  It’s just right.
  4. It doesn’t feel cheap has inset designs that swirl and remind me of something from Queen Elizabeth’s time.
  5. Its springy design makes it easy to put on, unlike other clasps that take me forever
  6. The thick width of it reminds me of Wonder Woman, and I feel like it is giving me energy for my goals I want to achieve.

Here’s to smarter shopping as I venture into adulthood 🙂  Cheers


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