Myers-Briggs Test

I don’t know why but my fascination for this Myers-Briggs test has resurfaced in the past few days… also I found out it’s Myers-Briggs, not Briggs-Myers… well not that it’s that important what order it’s said.

My interest in psychology has grown stronger in recent years, and I wish I was able to AP Psych or some sort of class in college.  According to the test, as an INFJ I have an uncanny ability to empathize, read, and understand other people intuitively.   I see my own strengths and weaknesses more clearly while browsing through the articles of my personality type, and out of the three or four times I’ve taken it, I am almost undoubtedly an INFJ.  I wish I wasn’t so sensitive and stressed out about other people’s issues in addition to mine, but I hope to handle it better now that I’m an adult, and push my abilities to better the world in some way or another.



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