Dreams and Evolutions

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had vivid dreams and a wild imagination.  I’m not sure if it was because of the side effects of some medication I took, but it was both a blessing and a nightmare.

My dreams have ranged from hanging onto a rope in some never-ending, Alice in Wonderland-esque tunnel, where a ray of light revealed gold specks of dust drifting down gently around me, both an eternal moment of tension as well as peace, to clowns hunting down my parents and I in a mall, and sitting on a toilet in the middle of another mall while dinosaurs ran everywhere.

I used to document every single dream, because I almost always remembered each one from the night before, until an embarrassing moment where I forgot to private a post and someone in the dream read it.  But I’ve decided to start again.

The one I had last night was really wonderful.  I was living in this building with two other people, with classy, warm-auburn brick walls and christmas lights hanging aglow.  It started with a Daredevil feel, where I was trying to escape from a building across the waters to get back to my house, of whose deck or patio was overlooking the waters.  This was my backyard.  As I hung in the cozy light where the interior kitchen was paired with a black, clean feel of the floor, and brick walls, I basked in the light, feeling comforted.  As I walked across and opened two glass doors, I was shocked to discover it doubled into another much larger area with the similar design and feel, but with many tables spread as a restaurant.  The ambiance was perfect.  Later on, when I walked out, I realized the entire building was designed uniquely in an elongated fashion, to fit a thin strip of the border between water and land- the other side had lamp posts, a sidewalk, and then a quaint street.


My friend is really knowledgeable in biology, and even though I was always easily confused when I studied back in high school and even college, I always found it really fascinating.  Now that I have more time, I should go back and just learn more about the world of human evolution, and marine biology.


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